Monday, February 23, 2015

Top, Best & Popular iPhone Game Development Companies in India

The market of iOS games is very huge, exciting and its rapidly growing. Dozens of iPhone games gets released on a daily basis. As the market for iPhone games is growing rapidly, there's no surprise about the excitement that iPhone game developers are holding.

Both iPhone and iPad have a plethora of games from the riches to the plumb. Whether you are looking for classic shooter game, a puzzle or a fun game to relax your senses, the Apple's App-store gives you everything. It's even not a matter of distance anymore as via the internet, you can play games with your friends, family members and even with your loved ones.

To create a good iPhone game, all you need is iOS SDK, a combination of C and Objective C with OpenGL ES for graphics. You can also use OpenAL for audio or core audio for streaming music, you might need Gamekit, if you are planning for multiplayer or social connectivity.
There are third party libraries specifically designed to make games easier, that often comes handy as they provide multiple functionalities that normally takes too much time to create. Some of the major third party tools are UIKit, Core Graphics, Core Animation, Core Motion and OpenGL as I mentioned earlier.

There are certain game engines to create iOS games, but the most widely used game engine is cocos2d. Cocos2d includes a big list features such as OpenGLES based graphics, Integration with libraries such as Box2d and Chipmunk, various other effects for sound, motion and more.

If you want your iOS game to get recognition, the very first step is to submit your game to Apple's app-store. There is a process you need to follow for submitting your gaming app to the app store.

  • First you need to be an iOS app developer member, and being that there's a membership fees of $99 per year.
  • Secondly, whichever app you create, should be adhere to App Review Guidelines.

App Review Guidelines are the set of rules, one needs to follow strictly to submit there app. These guidelines are made-up of certain rules that governs the quality, behaivour and appearance of your app. It may also take some to approve your app as the process is bit lengthy, but once your app is approved, then you may find millions of users waiting for it.

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