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Top 5 Predictions for iOS & Android App Development of 2016

2016 is pitted to be the year when mobility will touch new heights. Experts believe this year mobile app developers have to focus more on creating a deeper personal engagement with consumers. So, it is all about creating awesome mobile experience for iOS and Android apps in 2016. With demands of mobile application consistently on the rise, it is pertinent for businesses to adapt to this new technology requirement so as to thrive the competition.

Mobile App Security – A prime area of concern

With the growing impetus of iOS and Android application in business, enterprises are also facing an increasing threat from the millions of apps their employees use each day from mobile malware. The demand is also evident from study that nearly 20 percent of mobile app developers across the globe are creating enterprise apps alone. 

In fact Gartner has even predicted that by 2017, 75 percent of all mobile security breaches will not be through deep technical attacks on an operating system – but rather through apps. Hire Android developer who can steer clear of building risky apps that lead to persistent threats, phishing attacks and leaked data.

Customer-Focused Experience

Studies indicate that businesses in 2016 will be looking to create a more consumer-focused mobile experience. This makes it all the more vital for organizations to build mobile apps in iOS and Android that is customer focused and attuned with consumer behavior. All in all, it is predicted that 2016 will see more and more businesses focusing on a greater user experience for their consumers and consequently improved implementation rates in the future.

Enterprise Mobility to rule iOS and Android App Development

While 2015 gave wings to the enterprise mobility revolution, businesses are now realizing the importance of mobilizing business processes. Not only is it helping simplify current business models and increase productivity, it is also helping drive efficiencies across an organization – from expansions in enterprise mobile infrastructures, business processes and mobile payments.

To Stay connected with Cloud-Based Apps 

It is predicted that in 2016 and in the following 2 years, mobile market and the cloud will keep on transecting one another. Moreover, the amalgamation of cloud and mobile computing will continue to encourage the growth of centrally synchronized apps that can be delivered to any device. Cloud compatibility will also allow people to coordinate their apps with several different smart devices. Not to forget that cross functionality between iOS and OS X platforms is rising and Android and PCs are also on similar track. This further enhances the importance of cloud-based apps.

Wearable apps to rule

Even though wearables like Google Glass has failed to create a strong impact on the users, smartwatches like Apple Watch, Samsung Gear and Fitbit to name a few are slowly and steadily gaining user attention and climbing up the popularity charts (although the steep pricing still remains the bone of contention, stopping it from becoming a phenomenon). While Apple by now offers more than 10,000 wearable apps to its Apple Watch users, the number is expected to multiply three-fold by the end of 2016.

What is your business strategy for mobile app development for the year 2016? Are you looking to hire web programmers and mobile web developers for your next venture? Get in touch with us.

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