Friday, November 8, 2013

How To Find A Professional Android Application Development Company?

Android platform is currently being used by millions of users across the world and there's a steep rise in the count every year, resulting into thousands of apps developed and downloaded every day on smartphones, tablets and other mobile devices.

Android is the fastest growing web and mobile application development platform and its popularity is a huge benefit for developers as well as Android users. There is a broad spectrum of Android app development companies to hire, but only professional companies provide complete solution including development, design, QA, maintenance, testing and deployment.

How To Hire The Best Android App Development Company?

Search on internet, keywords such as "Professional Android App Development Companies To Hire" or "Hire Best Android App Development Companies", You'll find various companies, individuals and freelancer groups. You may find vivid ranges in prices during your investigation for professional Android app development companies. Don't get too tempted just by the price alone, you should also ask the following questions before making the final deal.

     »  Is the company real or a group of freelancers?
     »  Apart from Android, on what other platforms do they possess expertise?
     »  How many Android Apps they have developed and the no. of apps listed in app store?
     »  Do they provide Deployment and Maintenance?
     »  Whether the source code is deliverable or not?
     »  Total no. of members in team and their average experience.
     »  Is the team available for on-site development?
     »  Estimated time providing information on each functional area.
     »  How often they will provide a status update?
     »  What would be the process to track the documentation?
     »  How often they will provide an actual testing app to test it on a Android device?
     »  Is the QA process included within the estimation?
     »  Do they use actual Android device for testing?
     »  Do they use automated testing softwares?
Answers to the above questions may vary from person-to-person, and they will help to generate an actual reputation of the company. The market of Android is still very young and with the help of latest Android SDK & NDK, it's possible to meet all your specific needs.

Android : Future of Mobile Application Development

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