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Windows Phone 8 - Emerging Trends in Mobile App World

The ever-growing technology and the advanced operating systems emerging in the market, have brought a dramatic boom in the mobile app industry. With Apple alone enjoying $3.2 billion share, and Android on the second position, now Microsoft has also entered the competition with its innovative Windows Phone 8 apps in the store.

Recently, the software giant released the third version of its Windows Phone 8 operating system. In a short span, Windows Phone 8 has emerged as a valuable vertical while projecting itself as a strong contender to its rivals. The most probable reason for the popularity of this mobile app development platform goes to the extension of its applications in the various categories.

Let’s explore some of the latest trends seen in Windows Phone 8 apps.


Business Apps 


Microsoft is already a leader in providing business related applications that run on desktop computers. With its advent in mobile OS platform, it has taken a step ahead to provide incredible mobile applications that are useful for performing various business activities. With having proven expertise in building such business apps, Microsoft’s main objective remains to deliver highly-personalized results to the end user.

Productivity Apps


With thousands of the productivity apps downloaded each day, no doubt it’s a trendy category which businesses can bank on. With Windows Phone 8, users can easily customize their apps to make things more organised and streamlined. This mobile OS helps to create stand-alone apps based on the specific needs of the customers, which improves their productivity.

Social Media Apps


Facebook has revolutionized the way people connect and socialize. Moreover, mobile devices has further boosted the industry with social media apps. A maximum number of social apps are being downloaded each day. Young generation spends most of their time on these community networks, which has made this category the most desirable one.

HealthCare Apps


Since people are becoming health conscious, healthcare apps is a big hit. Monitoring health on the move or keeping track of routine exercises is not new anymore. Further, programming mobile solutions for doctors is also gaining popularity in the healthcare industry. These apps support physicians, doctors and surgeons who can now schedule meetings, take immediate action for emergencies, access medical resources and even provide medical guidance to the remote places.

GPS Tracking Apps


GPS tracking applications are the most popular apps among all. GPS Tracking apps enable users to reach their desired destination with  much ease without any chance to be lost in the foreign lands. These apps have highly intuitive interface and rich layout, which makes them more popular among people. Added to this, the latest trend in the industry is the voice based GPS trackers with localized accent.

Growing demand has given rise to many Windows Phone 8 app development companies that are innovating out-of-the-box applications. Fulfilling the growing demand of Windows Phone 8 apps in the market, these companies really offer promising solutions for the various business verticals. If you are looking for a highly professional Windows Phone app development company for your business app or an application for personal use, contact Hidden Brains Infotech Pvt Ltd.

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