Wednesday, January 21, 2015

Microsoft Steps Into VR with Holographics Hololens Headsets

Virtual reality has been a growing trend today in the world brimming with technology, thus the tech giant Microsoft reveals its first of its kind VR device that delivers more than just augmented reality.

Microsoft announced the holographic Hololens, a new entry as a VR headset space, but it delivers more than its competitors.

The Hololens combines the physical and the digital things around us to create a virtual holographic image via the see through holographic lenses. The Hololens has its own computer and doesn't need any other device to be tethered with.

It also creates a spatial sound, so you can feel the holograohic images around you. It has an in-built high-end CPU and GPU, and Microsoft has also implemented something new, which it calls "HPU" a holographic processing unit.

This device is equipped with the new Windows Holographic. The developers team is already working on the apps need to perform on this platform. The apps for this device will be compatible with Windows 10, and as far as these are going to universal Windows 10 apps, so it's going to rather easier for developers to develop them.

Microsoft demonstrated the impeccabiliy of Windows Holographic, pairing it with Hololens on stage. It showcased, how to build a 3d virtual quadrocopter using the Holostudio app, finger pointing and some exclusive voice commands. The design created using Hololens can also be 3d printed, if there happens to be a 3d printer.

This platform is going to be more interesting with more holographic apps in the market. Microsoft hasn't given any specific release date of Hololens, but their executive said that "this device will go on sale according to the Windows 10 timeframe".

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