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iOS App Developers: New World of Opportunities

The demand of mobile applications is on a constant rise. Now a day, each and every business is jumping on the mobile bandwagon. There is frenzy among companies to launch mobile apps and stand tall among competitors. 
While the war between iOS apps and Android continues, Apple seems to be winning the battle. But there are several reasons behind Apple’s dominance over Android in the app world. Focus on quality control continues to be the key reason. Apple maintains a tight control over both smartphone hardware and operating system. It filters out apps before gaining entry into the store.
Whether it is enterprises and startups, most organization are adapting their products or services to the biggest name in mobile technology: iOS. In just six years, the iOS ecosystem has helped create 627,000 jobs in the US alone. According to Apple, a recent APPNATION study projects that the “overall app economy will exceed $150 billion worldwide within three years, with the industry continuing to create more job openings than can be filled.” Undoubtedly, the demand for iOS developers is increasing at a phenomenal pace.
The launch of Swift empowered iOS developers to create great apps easily like never before. iOS 8 also introduced frameworks HealthKit and HomeKit. HealthKit allows health and fitness developers share data with the Health app while HomeKit is a framework allowing developers to create software that controls devices for home automation.
It is clear that learning these skills can open up great career opportunities. Here are few things that companies lookout before they hire iPhone app developer.
Sample Apps & Client References 
Companies are always on a lookout for qualified iOS developers who can provide with a list of apps they created or played a key role in developing with links to each in Apple's iOS App Store. This way you can assess whether or not they have the skills, vision and the much needed experience to bring your app ideas to life.
But there is a catch. There is no way of confirming whether a developer actually worked on the app. Well, after all there is no system of credit in iTunes. In such cases, speaking directly to clients will help in verifying the claims. Furthermore, speaking to the client will allow you to gauge developer’s ability to deliver app on deadline and within budget.
Understand what works for users
App developers need to understand how app will streamline process or make user’s life easy. It is important to understand how iOS app will improve business possibilities and simplify workflow processes. Remember, you need to show how your work impacts the company's bottom line. Developers who are able to understand value are most successful.
Eye for Monetization 

Developer capability is not just limited to coding prowess. Ultimately, everything boils down to generating revenue with the app. Whether you opt for pay-per download model or free app, developers need to know exactly which features will entice customers to pay. Developer needs to be experienced with integration of mobile display ads, in-app purchases or paid subscription models.
Communication skills
You got it right. iOS app development is a collaborative process that requires communication with stakeholders, both technical and non-technical. It is important that a developer comes out of their technical boundaries to communicate effectively with non-technical decision makers.  
Developers need to think about larger picture and connect the dots. It is important not just to know about current technology, rather future trends. After all, iOS app development is not just about building a mobile application, rather creating scalable apps that can grow over time.

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