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Tips to Build a Successful iPhone App

You are ready to take a plunge into the world of apps. Many people think that apps are all about technology and tools available out there. Well, you are sadly mistaken; technical knowledge alone will not take you a long way in the app world. There are several other important pointers that you should keep in mind. These important things will help you avoid mistakes in the iOS app development process.

Rise Above the Clutter, Stay Focused

Screen real estate is considered premium in an iPhone application. Everything boils down to reducing clutter and staying focused. Your app needs to stay simple without sacrificing on user friendliness. It does not need to be complex. Remember, in iPhone application success depends a lot on user experience. You can maximize your success rate by experimenting with different approaches to your user interface. Just work on the approach that allows you to conduct one task at a time, rather than doing multiple tasks to achieve goals.

Get Inspired, Improve Existing Apps

There are millions of apps out there. Your app idea needs to rise above the already existing apps. If you are just planning on creating an app that already exists, you are in for a tough ride. There is no harm in staying inspired from existing apps. Blindly copying other apps will not generate results. Instead you need to wonder how you could improve upon existing apps. Download all competitor apps and notice lack of functionality. This will allow you to improve your apps.

While staying passionate about your app idea will help you navigate through the iPhone app development process, however blind faith in your idea is not a good sign. You need to conduct an in-depth analysis of the market and make sure that the idea is worth building an app. Think objectively and look for reasons why the app might be a bad idea.

Consider the Platform-FIRST

iOS, Android, Windows or Blackberry: Which approach works the best for you? This is the most important question that any app developer will face. Don’t base your platform choice on sterotypes. If you are developing app for iOS, just because your key goal is monetization you are mistaken. Think about your target audience. While iOS rules the charts when it comes to USA, Android rules on a global scale and often in a higher margin compared to USA. So if you intend on publishing your app in multiple countries, consider Android over iOS. Whenever you make any decision relating to platform, think about different permutations and combinations. Keep in mind each and every alternative. If you adopt a one-sided approach, you are running the risk of severely reducing your app’s potential audience size.

Prioritize Design

Both Google Play and App Store are inundated with apps. The key factor is to design a compelling experience. Focus on simplicity and ease of use. Avoid fancy animations and graphics that don’t add any purpose to the overall functionality. Study how users interact with app and iterate as necessary.

Make Loading Fast

Remember, performance is the most crucial element of success in the mobile world. Not all users have high-speed internet access all the times. Don’t give them heavy apps that take excruciatingly long to download. Just like web sites, the rule of enhancing performance applies to the mobile app world also.


It’s not just the bugs or tech glitches that matter -- some of these tips can be crucial for making your app user-friendly. One of the most important aspects is to spend extra time testing your application before publishing it early. You don’t need to gain a bad reputation right from the word start.

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