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Best App Analytics Tools for Winning Mobile App Developers

You may have built the best mobile application, having worked extensively on your exclusive app idea, getting the most stunning UI/UX mobile app design and the best developmental methodologies that is bound to create a flutter at the App Store. But have they actually lived up to your expectations? Well, App Analytics will say.

App analytics tools are the most trusted way to evaluate how your app has fared at the app store. This includes app downloads, figuring out why people are uninstalling an app, how to improve mobile app retention and where to spend time/money on marketing. Check out some of the most reliable mobile app analytics tools for your mobile application:

Platform Compatibility: iOS, Android, Windows Phone, Amazon apps, etc.

This mobile app analytics tool provide analytics services and market intelligence for mobile app developers to just focus on making apps, rather than reports. From gender, age to income and education level of users, App Annie helps analyze cross-app adoption rates across app categories.

Platform Compatibility: iOS, Android, Windows Phone, Blackberry, Mobile Web

Flurry, now acquired by Yahoo and a part of the Yahoo Mobile Development Suite is one of the oldest and most trusted app analytics platforms by mobile app developers worldwide. Besides, Flurry comes with ad network that allows you to get metrics on your ad performance and detailed user acquisition reports, besides solutions for any mobile device.

Platform Compatibility: iOS, Android 

Google naturally is the most familiar name when it comes to analytics for the Web. And since 2012, it is gradually moving into the Mobile space with its mobile analytics services in the same dashboard. On integration with AdMob, you can easily see the results of your paid campaigns.

Platform Compatibility: iOS

This free app analytics tool from Apple for their iOS platform was launched in iTunes Connect. Although the tool is very limited compared to others, some of the key features are Filters (that allow you to filter metrics by things like app version), Sources (for measuring the results from paid and organic traffic sources) and Retention (a crucial signal of how good your app is, by estimating app usage duration).

Platform Compatibility: Android, Windows Phone, BlackBerry, Mobile Web

This mobile app analytical tool provides real-time analytics, remarketing data, attribution and more. What sets it apart from the rest in business is its unique messaging features.

Platform Compatibility: iOS, Android, Windows Phone, Unity, Blackberry, Mac, etc.

Popular as an enterprise solution, Countly comes with a real-time dashboard that besides being easy to read, gives you access to the data you need, at a glance. Moreover, it allows you to see in-app purchase data and claim to have SDKs for multiple mobile platforms.

Platform Compatibility: iOS, Android

Focused more on advertising attribution, Apsalar helps enhance your marketing ROI by providing great marketing tools stuff like SmartTags. It gives you more detailed analysis of your app marketing efforts like where you should invest your money on.

Have any other mobile app analytics tools list to share? Do write to us.

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