Thursday, November 10, 2016

Why is it Crucial to Create a Wireframe in Mobile App Development Process?

Why is it Crucial to Create a Wireframe in Mobile App Development Process?
Got an idea? Transform it to reality in the form of an app! Sounds great, isn’t it? But, the transition process of idea into app is not a cheesecake. First, you have to consult a reputed Mobile Apps Development Company who understands your idea and specifications for developing an app. Discussions with app developer reveal the hidden truths and challenges that lie behind your app idea.

Need of Creating Wireframe

Only technically sound people understand what it takes to realize a particular app idea into reality. Developers follow a systematic procedure to code and design the app in the best possible manner. Their experience and work pattern is what eventually contributes to the success of your app.

Creating wireframes is the basic designing phase where layouts of all possible screens are prepared. Though envisioning is possible, but it has limits when working in a team. What you envision as an app and what your team mates do might differ in context. Creation of wireframe is the best way to get a clear understanding of app functionalities and flow of operation.

These blueprints of the final app help developers to showcase a model of app to client and explain its functionalities. Wireframe gives client a better understanding of the final look and feel of app. This way is anytime better than guesswork and reduces potential risks of miscommunication between client and developers

Advantages of Using Wireframes for Mobile App Development

Get an idea on series of operations: Wireframes are created for each screen that will show up on respective clicks. It acts like the binding thread between theoretical ideas and real app. This helps developers to understand the user experience and ensure smooth navigation through the app.

Real time communication: App development requires design and development team to work hand in hand to build a successful app. Any sort of miscommunication can lead to disasters in app development project. This problem is solved with wireframes taken as reference model by both the teams to proceed with their work.

Keep client in loop: Though developer may have considered all the specifications of the client while working on the project, there are chances that client has something new in mind that he or she wants to inculcate in the current running project. In this case, if the project is in the final stage of delivery, then it becomes a tedious task to work on client specifications. It can also lead to delayed delivery of the project.

It is best to keep client updated of the current project and happenings by sending him wireframes of the same. This way, he comes up with suggestions at an early stage, which is convenient for developers as well as designers.

On a concluding note, it can be said that wireframe should be created for the convenience and flexibility of developers and designers. Client gets the know-how of app well in advance, which increases his trust in your app development company. This satisfaction will make him come back to you for future app development needs.


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