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Top Android Educational Apps for High School Students

Education is an important part of life that enables man to sustain. With the advancement of technology, education field is also growing immensely due to new gadgets and applications. Where Apple’s devices are setting a trend, Google’s Android is also catching up the race with its innovative and informative educational apps.

With these apps, the search engine giant is trying to provide varied information and knowledge to children in the most accessible and simplest manner. To make classroom environment more interesting, it offers a wide range of educational apps for Android in its app store. So, here is the list of top Android educational apps.


Name: CueBrain


An excellent app provides vocabulary training in a variety of languages. This innovative quizzing machine helps you master different languages including Czech, Chinese, Dutch, French, German, Spanish, Portugese, Japanese, Italian, Russian and Swedish.

Price: $3.99
Rated: 4.5/5


»   Numerous languages and intensive training in vocabulary
»   Keep track of your progress ‘in the cloud’
»   Create your own cue cards
»   Add widgets to your desktop which will cycle your customized cue cards
»   Beat your own time or compete versus a ghost player

Download from GooglePlay


Name: Timeline Eons 


Timeline Eons is a graphical representation of the entire natural and human history in a unique and fascinating manner. With a highly interactive interface, the app provides a fun way to learn history and dig deeper to find more about a particular event you are interested in. The app covers extensive and wide-ranging events from Big Bang evolution to historical events and future projections.This app is among the best Android educational app.

Price: $8.99
Rated: 4/5


»   Editable time range that can span trillions of years into both the past and the future.
»   Scrollable timeline thousands of times longer than the Earth’s circumference.
»   Includes world history, natural history, science and technology, art and architecture and sports.
»   Zoomable timeline that can display dates and times down to a fraction of a second
»   Supports multiple timelines, editable backgrounds, resizable text, and much more.



Name: Daily Art


Daily Art is one of the first art newspapers of its kind to download and enjoy various art works. Daily Art, awarded as one of the 12 best educational apps in 2012 according to The Next Web, provides classic art articles. The app offers a wide range of traditional art masterpieces and the stories behind them.

Price: Free
Rated: 4.7/5


»   Push notification with a classic art piece to read
»   Artwork can be enlarged to full screen
»   All the basic information ranging from author, title, year, technique to current location about each painting
»   Graphically rich images with informative biographical stories
»   Can share masterpieces you love on Facebook, Twitter and e-Mail.

Download from GooglePlay

Name: Wikipedia 

An official Wikipedia app for android devices, Wikipedia is the free encyclopedia that covers almost all areas. Containing more than millions of articles in different languages, it is the most comprehensive and widely used reference work. This is a highly rated educational app in the Android market providing all types of information at your fingertips.

Price: Free
Rated: 5/5


»   More than 20 million articles in 280 different languages with in-depth information
»   Search function from the search bar on the top of the app interface
»   Save article for future reference or read offline
»   Share articles using Android “Share” function
»   Supports a multitude of languages

Download from GooglePlay

Name: MapMaster


It is a fun-filled and educational geography game to download on your Android device, where you have to pinpoint different places. This educational app tests your knowledge of all the famous places and capitals around the world. You can also compete with your friends on the same platform.

Price: $0.99
Rated: 4.5/5


»   350 places including all continents, countries, US state capitals, largest cities, mountains and famous places
»   Flag icons for countries and US states
»   Wikipedia integration option
»   Beautiful off-line maps with 5 zoom levels
»   Perfect and excellent scores when the pushpin is close to target

Download from GooglePlay


Name: Khan Academy 

Khan Academy is an enriching app with a collection of educational videos covering almost every subject. It is the most popular educational app among high school goers. This app allows them to learn, share and have unlimited access to knowledge about their favorite subjects in a fun way. The micro lectures via video offers a deep understanding of the subject, step-wise explanation and detailed theoretical description to grasp the concept easily.

Price: Free
Rated: 5/5


»   Browse videos by categories
»   Download and watch videos offline or on YouTube
»   A wide spectrum of subjects covered including biology, chemistry, physics, math, finance, history, humanities.
»   Option to watch individual videos or entire topics offline

Download from GooglePlay

These educational apps help students gain knowledge about different subjects. Have some other interesting educational apps for Android? Share with us.

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