Monday, December 16, 2013

Save Your Data Before Winter Freezes Them

If given two options, which one will you choose? Losing your precious data or that much needed peace of mine that your data is protected? Most of us would go with the latter. 

Surprisingly, there are many mobile users, who walk around without data security and it not because they are not bothered about data security, but they are not aware of the ways to protect their important information. All it takes is little knowledge and handy tips along with some security tools to safeguard the vital information on your mobile device.

Secure Your Device

You need to create a strong password for your mobile device, which is easy to remember and tough to guess. Normally, avoid using common words, birthdays, names or personal information as your password. It is best to use auto-lock feature of your device, which automatically sets into effect after few minutes from the last activity.




Back up and protect your data


Nothing comes handy than keeping a back up of your important information. Considered as one of the easiest way, most of the mobile companies offer updates regularly which also includes security patches. 


Most of us want to access some extra software features by jailbreaking or rooting our devices. Though this is tempting, it leaves your device vulnerable to security threats. Therefore, better avoid it and safeguard your data.




Security Tools


There are several security tools like Trend Mobile Security, Webroot Mobile Security, Anti-Virus Pro, Lookout Mobile Security and Mobiguide available in the market. These applications protect your device while safeguarding your data from online hackers.

Well, this winter you can definitely safeguard your data before it freezes away as you have hold of security tools.

Is Your Mobile Data Secure?

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