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Top 10 Antivirus Software for Android

The most popular mobile operating system Android is exponentially growing with wide user base and a huge number of innovative devices coming into the market. However, with its huge success comes threat. 

There are thousands of malware and viruses that attack Android devices making it vulnerable to crash down and hamper data security. In earlier post we also discussed about tips to protect your personal data. Our developers have compiled a list of top ten best anti-virus software tools that are effective for Android devices.

Bitdefender Antivirus Plus


Strong and easy antivirus software - Bitdefender Antivirus Plus is an excellent, top-tier antivirus software solution with quality protection and superior performance. Being an advanced antivirus, it provides high-end security, simple usability, and excellent resource usage at affordable rates. Whether you are looking for advanced security for complex processes or just want to load and forget updates, Bitdefender Antivirus Plus makes it all without hampering the performance of your device.

Performance: 9.4/10
Features: 10/10
Help & Support: 10/10
Overall Rating: 9.58/10 | Download

Kaspersky Anti-Virus 


With hundreds of positive reviews, Kaspersky antivirus is one of the best anti-virus software solutions and is preferred by most of the Android developers and users. Protecting the devices from bots, Trojans, worms, spyware, rootkits and viruses, this software also detects the new threats and prevents them from infiltrating the systems. Embedded with powerful technology and well-acquainted with current hacking technology, it prevents hackers from locking your system in conjunction with a ransomware attack.

Performance: 8.3/10
Features: 10/10
Help & Support: 10/10 

Overall Rating: 8.75/10 | Download

Norton AntiVirus


The most popular and widely used antivirus from Symantec, Norton Antivirus offers superior protection for a wide range of devices from windows to Android . Ahead of the other options, Norton offers the ease to use, ability to protect against malware and capability to disinfect the already infected machines. Protecting your Android devices from the latest threats and cyber-attacks, it offers free customer support during the subscription period.

Performance: 8.3/10
Features: 10/10
Help & Support: 10/10 

Overall Rating: 8.73/10 | Download

F-Secure Anti- Virus

Among the best anti-virus performers, F-Secure comes with an innovative interface and impressive resource use. Offering real-time blocking of viruses, spyware and other malware, F-Secure anti-virus instantly protects against new virus. Moreover, F-Secure provides on-demand and scheduled scans for malicious apps or activities on your Android devices. F-Secure is definitely a good resource to invest in, if you are too cautious about securing your sensitive files.

Performance: 8.3/10
Features: 10/10
Help & Support: 10/10 

Overall Rating: 8.50/10 | Download

G Data Antivirus


Protecting your device from a huge number of threats from phishing, malicious scripts, dialers, Trojans, adware, rootkits and worms, G Data antivirus effectively detects and removes viruses and malwares. The software automatically analyse the files and detect whether they pose a threat. Leveraging the power of two scanning machines, this software includes advanced protection from malware spread through email and IM.

Performance: 7.3/10
Features: 9/10
Help & Support: 10/10 

Overall Rating: 7.93/10 | Download

BullGuard AntiVirus


With easy-to-understand and user-friendly interface, BullGuard antivirus has earned a certification from ICSA labs – which tests products on quarterly basis to ensure they are capable of defending devices against new threats. Designed to identify and remove a wide range of viruses and malwares, BullGuard software constantly scans the system disk and memory to protect it from any virtual attacks.

Performance: 7.3/10
Features: 9/10
Help & Support: 8/10 

Overall Rating: 7.90/10 | Download

AVG Anti-Virus

Not a new name in anti-virus arena, AVG is one of the biggest players in providing impeccable security and protection solutions. Fighting the real world attacks with early detection tools, this easy to use and install antivirus software warns and protects your system from internet attacks. AVG anti-virus uses multiple layers of protection to safeguard your system from a wide range of attacks such as database threats, spyware and adware, stealing personal data, digital game theft for real money and many such online security problems.

Performance: 8.90/10
Features: 9/10
Help & Support: 10/10 

Overall Rating: 7.70/10 | Download

Avast Pro AntiVirus 

Certified with a VB 100% (implying that it finds 100% of in-the-wild viruses) by Virus Bulletin, Avast Pro detects high rate of viruses. With two exceptional features – AutoSandbox and code emulator, this antivirus keeps devices safe through smart scanning and eliminating existing threats and defending from future attacks. Built-in with high protection tools to safeguard from rootkits, Trojans and spyware, Avast Pro significantly reduces scanning time resulting in high performance ratio.

Performance: 7.93/10
Features: 8.90/10
Help & Support: 9.86/10 

Overall Rating: 7.58/10 | Download

Trend Micro Titanium AntiVirus


Loaded with custom scan, manual scan, in-depth scan and quick scan, Trend Micro Titanium is certified software from AV-Test lab. A cloud based antivirus element – Titanium protects your Android device from spyware and viruses including various malwares such as, dialers, malicious cookies and scripts, operating system exploits, hackers, keyloggers, Trojan horses, rootkits and worms. You can customize the software through an image or photo. Detecting fake antivirus software is the best feature of this application.

Performance: 7.03/10
Features: 8.00/10
Help & Support: 9.00/10 

Overall Rating: 7.55/10 | Download

VIPRE AntiVirus 


Protecting your Android device from viruses, spyware apart from threats via email, instant messaging and removable media, VIPRE antivirus is a high performance antivirus software. Protecting you from online threats, VIPRE antivirus is a powerful anti-spyware and anti-virus software loaded with advanced security features. With free technical support, it defends against all kinds of latest online threats. It detects internet security issues quickly with low impact on your system’s performance.

Performance: 7.00/10
Features: 8.46/10
Help & Support: 9.00/10 

Overall Rating: 7.50/10 | Download

For more information to protect your Android smartphones, phablets, tablets and their applications from viruses, you can contact our expert developers.

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