Thursday, January 16, 2014

Google Envisioning to Develop A Smart Contact Lens

Moving beyond Google glass, now Google is planning to built a smart contact lens using tiny chips, sensors and antennas to continuously check the blood sugar level of a diabetic patient to make the life easy and healthier.

Watch Brian Otis Providing Information on Google's Next Wearable Device - Smart Contact Lens

Google said that it is still in discussions with the Food & Drug Administration of US and is testing the prototypes of the lenses. The lenses are equipped with wireless chips and miniature glucose sensors, according to Brian Otis and Babak Parviz, the project co-founders at Google. According to Otis and Parviz, "Diabetes is a growing problem affecting one out of 19 people on earth and as the blood sugar level keeps fluctuating throughout the day, people use finger sticks which is very painful, though tears can also be used to measure the glucose levels".

They also added that "we are planning to develop smart chip and sensors so small that looks like bits of glitter and antenna thinner than a human hair to crack the mystery of tear glucose with higher accuracy and can also be generated once per second". The lenses would also serve as warnings to the wearer. For example, tiny LEDs can be integrated into the lenses to indicate when the blood sugar level crosses above or below certain thresholds.

Google is still dominating in search engines and making the bulk of money out of it. Google is also working on developing Google Glass, a totally computerized eyeglasses.Today the revolution in technology has transformed the scenario of health industry with emerging trends and devices.

"It can be revolutionizing tool in the fight against diabetes", noted by Patrick Moorhead, an analyst from Moor Insights & Strategy. He also added that "with these contact lenses, it could be much easier to control your diabetes in an effective way and that can also advance Google Glass".

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