Tuesday, May 5, 2015

Apple Watch: The Next Fashionable Tech Device

The Apple Watch, above all else, proves that Apple is exceptionally good at refining concepts. The Apple Watch is easily the most refined smartwatch you can spend your technology-buying dollars on.


It's impossible to start assessing the Apple Watch without recognizing that Apple is very-heavily positioning it as a fashion desirable, and how that changes perceptions of it.

Apple's had plenty of products with three different models before, but within each of those selections runs a variety of choices that are everything to do with fashion and nothing to do with functionality.

Fashion is naturally a matter of both taste and trends, and it's very much a personal and budgetary decision which combination suits you.

Operating System Speed

Apple's usual methodology for review samples is to send out the best and brightest, but I doubt anyone's sitting there testing the top-end Apple Watch Edition. In most practical technology terms, though, they didn't need to, because there are only the smallest of differences between each model. 

The smaller 38mm Apple Watch measures in at 21.2 26.5mm with a 272 x 340 pixel 290ppi AMOLED display, while the larger 42mm Watch measures 24.3 30.38mm with a 312 x 390 pixel 302ppi display. Predictably, being Apple, they're both dubbed "Retina" displays.

The display on the Apple Watch Sport is certainly bright and vibrant even under direct sunlight, although the more you pump up the brightness the less overall battery life you'll get.

Apple Watch Apps

Apple didn't invent the smartwatch, but one of the smarter refinements it's brought to the process is in bringing in a lot of app developers to produce watch-centric apps at launch. 

A very small smartwatch screen isn't ideal for displaying lengthy information, and not every available app uses that idea sensibly. The app selection includes a wide variety of Australian-specific apps, from shopping companion apps to public transport checkers, with the usual mix of paid and free apps on offer.

The Apple Watch comes with ten different configurable faces - Utility, modular, simple, Motion, Astronomy, Colour, Sonar, Chronograph, Mickey and X-Large. Yes, that's Mickey as in Mickey Mouse.

The Charging Issue

Like most other smartwatches, the Apple Watch charges via an inductive plate, which is supplied with the Apple Watch Sport and Apple Watch; if you opt for the pricier Apple Watch Edition the case is apparently the inductive charger itself. 

Charging itself is reasonably fast from the provided charger, although being USB-ended you could charge it from just about any USB port at all.

If you're just using it as a watch, it could last up to 72 hours. Those are all Apple's figures, but my own testing largely bears them out.

Apple Watch Reviews

Where Apple Watch wins is potential - it has a lot of space for the improvement of apps and delivery of genuinely new functions. Right now the Watch App store is cluttered with a lot of repetitive apps and UI choices that need serious refinement in the same way that Apple redefined the mobile space.

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